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A mom who really enjoys being a mom. I love everything about it. Even the moments when I want to pull my hair out and the times I realize I've become just like my own mother.

My crazy family

With the holidays over and a new baby on the way, I feel lately like “crazy” has really been taken to a whole new level in my family. And when I mean my family, I’m talking my immediate family and … Continue reading

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The nation’s debt is my debt

If I managed my family the way the government runs our country, we would probably be on the streets or in a homeless shelter. Thank goodness I don’t run my family that way. I know that in order to keep … Continue reading

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That moment you realize you’ve become your mom (or dad)

“I’m never gonna be like you! I would never treat my kids like you treat me!” Probably something many adults recall saying to their own parents as a child. I definitely did growing up. Now, as a mother to a … Continue reading

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Accountability as a parent

This is my first post, and I was inspired to write something after reading┬áthis story about former NFL player Brian Holloway. It’s my understanding that while Mr. Holloway lives in Florida, he has a vacation home in upstate New York. … Continue reading

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