The nation’s debt is my debt

If I managed my family the way the government runs our country, we would probably be on the streets or in a homeless shelter. Thank goodness I don’t run my family that way. I know that in order to keep our budget balanced, we spend only on things we need and live well within our means. We have our bills paid on time and have limited debt that we are able to manage.

But, MAN, how much would you love to be able to keep raising your credit limit, or pushing your debt collection deadlines continually? Seriously, if my accountant managed my money that way, I’d have his or her butt fired so quickly. Why aren’t we firing our politicians and our President? Don’t they know all they’re doing is making it worse for the American people’s future? This country’s debt unfortunately falls on me and millions of other Americans who in all likelihood cannot afford to pay off this debt. I cannot afford to pay more taxes than I already am. So STOP SPENDING MY MONEY NEEDLESSLY! AND NO! YOU CANNOT PRINT ANYMORE MONEY. All that does is make the money I do have worthless.I hope this nation can have patience, faith, pity and mercy on the soul who finally has the senses to say, “it’s time to address our money issues, America, and it’s not going to be fun.”

My family and I are considering doing something a little bolder than we normally would. I hope others consider doing the same. We are calculating how much money we would have paid to the government for every day they have been shut down these last few weeks, and are planning on withholding that money from the IRS come tax time. We’ve simply had enough and if the IRS wants to come after us for this…bring it.


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A mom who really enjoys being a mom. I love everything about it. Even the moments when I want to pull my hair out and the times I realize I've become just like my own mother.
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